Visualization of the aeraulic air behavior by means of smoke. It allows to verify the presence of dead zones turbulences and losses from the front from the hood.

Speed ​​in m / s on the front of the open hood at 40 - 60 cm. It allows the calculation of the air flow of the hood itself.

It allows, at the instrumental level, to accurately quantify the chemical substances coming out from inside the working volume of a hood towards the operator and the Laboratory.

Quantity expressed in m³ / h of air expelled by the aspirator.

Control of the air speed near the hood that could disturb the performance.

Healthiness of the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/2008). Verification in a room where hazardous substances are emitted in the form of gases, vapors, solid aerosols or liquids in the presence of people during the process under Hood.

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