The total extraction hoods are "devices" that protect the user and the people present in the Laboratory, therefore they must be considered as real DPC: Collective Protection Devices.
The Team of Technicians IN SITU LAB has always been at the forefront for the maintenance and control of chemical hoods, first in Italy at the end of the 90s, to equip itself with dedicated instruments for the verification of the containment index: Containment test of Fume Cupboards. Until 2003 in reference to the German Standard DIN 12924, then to the European Standard EN 14175.
The instrumentation we use has sensitivity and precision superior to what is required by the Norma to search for increasingly performance and safe performance. A hood that does not guarantee a containment of the substances used inside it puts in danger the operator and all the technicians present in the Laboratory.

The dangers of many products can also lead to deadly diseases.

Recently in the film "With bated breath" tells of the deaths of 16 Researchers of the University of Catania. They worked in unhealthy environments also because of the Chemical Hoods.

A control and verification of containment, after installation, we consider it mandatory to make sure that all the "system" Hood and suction system give the required result.